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Claws to Paws Pet Sitting

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LouieWith Claws to Paws Pet Sitting & Walking LLC instead of feeling guilty when you must leave your pet for long work days, travel or appointments you can feel good knowing you have provided him with a best friend.

We are professional animal care-givers who will give your pet one on one attention, plenty of playtime and exercise and lots and lots of love until you return home. We offer:

  • Pet Sitting for all companion animals
  • Mid-Day Dog Walks
  • Dog Walking & Exercising
  • Puppy Care Program
  • Senior Care

BixbyWe know pets just do better and have less stress when they remain in their own home where the sights, sounds and smells are familiar. They feel safe and comfortable. Their daily routines and diets are maintained and they are not exposed to other pets and possible illnesses. Our visits eliminate separation anxiety, stress and the boredom that may lead to destructive behavior. We also make your home look “lived in” which deters crime.

Service Areas: Aberdeen, Keyport, Marlboro, Matawan, Morganville, Old Bridge

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Phone: 732 690 1822        E-mail:
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