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Services and Rates

Mid Day Dog Walks
$21 … $1.00 for a second dog (if walked together)

Casey & QuincyThis service is for pet owners who must leave their dogs for long work days. We will make a daily visit to your dog and take him for a 20 min walk or one on one playtime. This gives him great exercise, companionship and relieves the boredom that may lead to behavioral problems. Instead of coming home to a dog who jumps all over you, you’ll be greeted by a calmer, happier dog.

If you have a puppy at home he’ll need a few visits each day to relieve himself. The rule of paw is … Take your puppy’s age in months plus one. So a 3 month old puppy needs to go out every 4 hours.

In-Home Visits

Dogs: $21 …… $1.00 for each additional pet

Cats: $20 …… for up to 3 cats

Rates for other pets may vary and will be discussed at the Meet & Greet.

This service is for owners who are on vacation, taking day trips or business trips, working late or otherwise unable to care for their pet. In addition, to pet care we also offer complimentary crime determent services and plant care.

During each visit, we:Lisa with Tucker

  • Feed and give fresh water to your pets
  • Play with your pets. Brush their coats
  • Exercise dogs (20 min walks)
  • Reinforce training commands
  • Give treats (if allowed)
  • Scoop the litter box every visit
  • Administer medications (oral and injection) as needed
  • Maintain pet's routine diet
  • Give plenty of T.L.C.
  • Clean up any “accidents”
  • Assess your pet’s general health and transport to vet in an emergency
  • Provide you with a daily diary

Emergency Vet Visits $30/hour
Of course, we hope this is a service you will never need. However rest assured, in the event, your pet does need immediate vet care, we will attempt to reach you, then transport your pet to the vet and home or stay with him until you can arrive and take over.

Phone: 732 690 1822        E-mail:
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